UK Grain Markets (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA01)
UK Grain Markets (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA01)
Understanding UK markets, how they work, exports, currency etc. Where the UK sits in relation to the wider global markets. We look at carry, storage, futures stores and on what basis domestic commodities including wheat, barley and OSR are...
Futures (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA02)
Futures (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA02)
Futures have been used by physical buyers and sellers of grains for centuries in order to manage price risk with many businesses using them as part of their strategy. When understood they provide an effective tool, particularly when managing...
Call Options (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA03)
Call Options (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA03)
This course will give you a clear understanding of what call options are, how they are used in a grain marketing strategy, the situations where they can be applied and how to trade them. The course covers all the jargon and details required to...
Put Options (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA04)
Put Options (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA04)
Introduction to Put Options, what they are, how they work and how they can used for risk management. Put options act as insurance for falling grain prices, providing a seller with protection from falling grain prices without selling physical...

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