Futures (£100 + VAT) (CRMGA02)

Futures have been used by physical buyers and sellers of grains for centuries in order to manage price risk with many businesses using them as part of their strategy. When understood they provide an effective tool, particularly when managing 'basis', a factor which is also explained in this course.

The course will introduce grain futures markets, how they work, the impact on physical prices and how they are used within a strategy.

Hedging, why hedge and how?

Basis - Knowing your basis will allow you to understand if its time to sell, hedge, use options or whether you should be delivering grain yourself.

Placing an order with a futures broker.
  • History of Futures in Agriculture
  • How does the futures market work for grain?
  • Futures and Hedging Training Video
  • An introduction to Basis
  • Basis Video
  • Placing an order with a broker
  • Futures Quiz
  • ICE Feed Wheat Futures Contract Specifications
  • EU Wheat Futures Contract Specifications
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed